• Inês Mota

PQ19 | Workshop and volunteering experience

Updated: Jul 14

I could barely contain my excitement when new information about Prague's Quadrennial 2019 started to appear! From the moment I returned from my short 4 day visit in 2015, I knew I wanted to explore PQ19 like there was no tomorrow.

The first time around, I was there just as a visitor, experiencing the exhibits, proudly checking-up on my project (learn more here) and casually catching a few performances and talks. (Well... maybe not as casually as I would like to admit... In truth, I exhaustively analysed the program of PQ15 every evening, carefully weighing my choices for the next day and making sure I wouldn't miss anything I would terribly regret). I was so impressed by everything I saw there that this time I made sure I was more involved managing to stay in Prague for 10 days - the whole duration of the festival.

Needless to say - it was amazing!

When PQ's organization started posting about results driven workshops as part of PQ Studio, I applied for a few and eventually chose the "Scaling-up: Transfer your production from a studio to a larger theatre", a 4 day workshop lead by Allan Stichbury and assisted by Poe Limkul.

Taking into consideration my love for scale modelling, this workshop was particularly appealing to me because it also approached the exact opposite problem I had observed during my internship in 2017 with the Red Ladder Theatre Company in Leeds, U.K. - how to scale down a production, to facilitate touring in small and unconventional venues. I had gotten face to face with the problems and opportunities scaling down can create and therefor I was curious to find out how it would be possible to scale up a production without making the mistake of just "filling in" the space with frivolous elements. I was extremely interested in participating in this workshop

Immediately after being accepted as a participant I bought my plane tickets keeping in mind that I also wanted to be involved as a volunteer in this PQ.