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Inês Mota is a set designer born in Porto, whose interests include puppetry, light design, illustration and animation. As an artist, she has an affinity for abstraction and minimalism which led her to explore the concept of immateriality in scenography during her master's degree at ENSATT in Lyon, as a scholarship holder of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. She is a member of La Chloka, a workspace she shares with three costume designers and where she creates puppets, scale models, props and masks.

Professionally, Inês has assisted the set designer Alwyne de Dardel in "Depuis que je suis né" and "La force qui ravage tout" by David Lescot, "Les Précieuses Ridicules" by Stéphane Varupenne and Sébastien Pouderoux, and "Le Consentement" by Sébastien Davis. She also assisted set designer Marta Silva in Indie Jr. Festival 2019 and in "La Donna di Genio Volubile" by António Durães. As a creator, she collaborated with Vanessa Amaral ("Pratique de la Ceinture" 2023), La Jeune Troupe du Théâtre des Îlets II ("Manitoba" 2022), Claire Boust ("Je reste roi de mes douleurs" 2021), Funâmbula_Grupo Criativo ("Exímia Sociedade" 2018), Público Reservado ("Estava em casa e esperava que a chuva viesse" 2018).

Before moving to Lyon, she graduated in set design from ESMAE in Porto and did a one-year technical internship in the Props and Scenery Department. Along the way, she also spent time in Brescia, Italy, where she attended the Libera Accademia di Belle Arti, and in Leeds, UK, where she collaborated with Red Ladder Theatre Company as an intern for six months. From this period, she highlights her role as assistant set designer in the production "The Shed Crew", based on the book by Bernard Hare.

In the future, she intends to develop her work both in Portugal and in France, to address the themes that excite her and to continue exploring the world of puppetry and scenography. 

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